Wednesday, July 15, 2009

WOW...R4 P2 down..waiting to start my final P3!

Sorry it's been so long to post. Life has just been plain busy!

I am just at the end of my 4th round of Phase 2..started at 169.4 and ended (21 days) at 156.6. Not bad, but is was really obvious the last week that my body didn't want to give up any more weight. I have not taken measurements, but by the looks of my boobs, my body fat has dropped.Let me tell ya..the GIRLS are sagging!! BUT..I will take deflated boobs over being overweight!

Work has been hectic..still worked out throughout my P2- and was able to eat more than 500 calories most day..I think due to the fact that I work out daily, and all of my muscles!!

Leaving the for the HTA Vegas Retreat a week from this Friday. I am sooooo excited! I never take any time off in the summer...and being with all of my "virtual" friends will be amazing! YES..plenty of fun and photos!!