Wednesday, July 15, 2009

WOW...R4 P2 down..waiting to start my final P3!

Sorry it's been so long to post. Life has just been plain busy!

I am just at the end of my 4th round of Phase 2..started at 169.4 and ended (21 days) at 156.6. Not bad, but is was really obvious the last week that my body didn't want to give up any more weight. I have not taken measurements, but by the looks of my boobs, my body fat has dropped.Let me tell ya..the GIRLS are sagging!! BUT..I will take deflated boobs over being overweight!

Work has been hectic..still worked out throughout my P2- and was able to eat more than 500 calories most day..I think due to the fact that I work out daily, and all of my muscles!!

Leaving the for the HTA Vegas Retreat a week from this Friday. I am sooooo excited! I never take any time off in the summer...and being with all of my "virtual" friends will be amazing! YES..plenty of fun and photos!!

Monday, June 8, 2009

New, darker hair!

Treated myself to a hair job today :) I went darker....wore a dark wig for my husband's surprise party and got a lot of compliments, so I decided to go dark!

Off work today..then on tomorrow for overtime, work on Wed, then off until Sunday. I am going out of town for training, then starting my new, temporary promotion job! Exciting!
Hope everyone in HCG land is doing awesome. I am still trucking along in p3/p4. Still somewhat stable. Still deciding if I will do another round. I weigh 161- but get that most folks think I weight between 120- 140. I am lucky..I have a lot of muscle-so I am lean and compact :)

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Maintaining quite well!

Long time no post..but I've been kicking ass!! Today is day 34 on P3..slowly transitioning to P4. I think I've only had to do 2 official correction days. I have been doing the High Fat Expirement with Biz on HTA the entire time. Although I am eating high fat, I am still maintaining my low body abs are toned (hello.... I've got a 4-pack!! WOOO HOOO), and quads are defined!!

I'm toying with the thought of another's just a thought right now. LDW was 161...I look much smaller...about 20 lbs smaller due to all my muscle. I am not sure how my body would like to be into the 150's or even 10's, we'll see.

For now, though, I am content in th 160's. I feel amazing, and still get compliments on the new SKINNY me...yep...people are calling me skinny. I run about 3 days a week and still lift weights!!

I've also become a Mentor over at HTA ( help with Bootcamp, so that's quite an honor. for my morning run. I will try to post more often! Happy Summer....can't believe it's already June!

Edit: HTA is an awesome Forum for all things HCG- tons of recipes for all phases, journals, and help! Come visit!

Also..Natalie- I did workout through all phases. Due to lower energy levels, I did work out in phase 2, just not as hardcore as I am working out now. I did make sure to try to get at least 4-5 days of cardio done, and light weights a week. NOW, in Phase 3/4 I run about 3 times a week and lift weights 3 times a week.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

WOOT...end of R3...feeling awesome!

Ok..started the wait for the 72 hours. I believe that this round was all about reshaping. My husband swears that I lost a lot of pounds...but really, after a "load fest" of crap I started at 174.4 and today I am at 160 (LDW was 161). Last P2 I ended at 164. I am WAY LEAN...body fat is about 19.44%. Most people will see that my weight is 160 and say that I am still fat...but wait a minute... I AM ONE BUFFED GIRL! I guess I am lucky that I have always carried a lot of muscle. I am toned..strong, and hot! I've worked out religiously throughout all of my rounds- cardio and weight. Yes..there were days when I didn't workout, but for me, I need that escape. Check out my photos and see for yourself!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

WOW...long time no post...R3P2...and it's almost over!

Well, I think the last time I posted was back in Phase 3. That was fun (it was R2P3) Did pretty good maintaining with a few correction days then kind of loaded with with a bit of sugar-and TOM. I did much better this P3.

Now..this is R3P2 and I am on VLCD day 17. This time I am doing sublingual rx hcg. I am about 5 lbs from goal..may get close, but the last few days my body has really been holding on- been up, down,up down. Did a modified steak day yesterday (MSD) and lost .8, so getting closer! Biz (AWESOME GIRL!) has been coaching me this last week...I just LOVE her wealth of knowledge. She's got it goin' on that's for sure! I am still aiming for 155 by Sunday.....that is my goal. Currently I am at 160.4. I have noticed over the last week my losses have dropped way off...but it's ok. I feel amazing...and get skinny compliments daily. I promise to post photos when I'm done...:)

Sunday, March 29, 2009

P3 Day 9....learning and doing well!, sorry I haven't posted any progress info. Been enjoying P3 and the different foods that go along with it. Had to do one correction day- figured by body didn't like the zucchini I ate! Did an egg/nut correction day which was NOT punishment at all. Every other hour I would have 1 oz of nuts, and the hour in between would be a hard boiled egg! Lost 1.8 from that-and it was fun!

Today I am .2 above LDW...only because friends were in town and we had a get together. I chose to have a few drinks (wow, I am a lightweight now!), but they weren't all bad- vodka and green tea! No soda-and no cheat foods which is a HUGE step in the right direction. I am going out of town for a week, so I had a whole chicken already today's correction day is a Chicken day!! Oh..and plenty of water:)

Sunday, March 22, 2009

I'm into P3!!!!!

Hey all-today was Day 2 of P3 and all is going well. Some minor gain on the scale (+.4) but I am not worried. I am in Biz's Bootcamp over on HTA and that is nice!! Lots of feedback and info abound! I am working at tweaking calories to see what works and what doesn't. Yesterday was tough...I felt like all I did was eat! Today has been better- and I'm managing to keep my water intake up :)

I'm already preparing myself mentally for my next P2 round. My LDW was 164- and by the comments I am receiving it sounds like people think I am skinny!! WTH?? It's been at least since High School when anyone has called me skinny! I would like to see if I can get down to 145 in my next round. That is pretty low for me- muscle girl and I'm 5'7". Time will tell!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Holy body fat is down to 19.8%-that's in the athletic category!

WOOOOOOOO FREAKIN' HOOOOOOOOOOOO! Tomorrow is day one of P3-did stats today and body fat is a LOW 19.8% (the charts I use show bf of 14-20% as in the athletic category!!). That makes my day. I started this journey on 12/6/08 (yes...just in December) with a body fat of 30.42%. Holy shit..that is amazing!

This last round was tough on me, but seeing that number makes it all worth it!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Update time...sorry...been meaning to visit:)

Well-things were going good, then I decided to make a sf choco treat with unsweetened coco and Davinci SF syrup (made with Splenda). I had only 2 T of the morning I was UP BY 1.2 lbs!! This was the first time I've had Splenda since starting protocol...and I will NEVER again have it. I was so pissed....the scale looked like I cheated but I didn't. I know it wasn't the coco because I made the same 2T mix the night before but with truvia (which, by the way...I LOVE!).

I guess everyone is different when it comes to what foods effect them. I know some that can stomach the Splenda...but not me.

After that I lost .6 one day (yesterday), then today I was dead I decided that last night's dose was the last! I'm on hhcg, so my wait is 48 hrs.-it's been 24 today, tomorrow night is 48. For some reason, today I was starving! I tried it all....4 liters of water, iced tea, hot tea! I thought I was going crazy. I think some of this may be tied to my wacky TOM...this month is was about 2 weeks early. Last month it was almost 2 weeks late, and the month before that it was 2 weeks early! Guess I am on the early/late rotation.

So..first day of this P3 will be Saturday 3/21. This round I went 25 days with doses. I had issues the entire round..starting from the beginning. I ate some things I shouldn't have and literally gained 12.8 pounds in 2 days. YEP..can't do processed anymore! This P2 may seem like a flop to some. Not to me..I made the best out of it and got to know my body better. P3 will be done in Biz's Boot camp so she can keep me in line (over on HTA). I plan on doing rx hcg next P2 which should start around the 8th or 9th of April :)

Sunday, March 15, 2009

That Damn Whoosh Fairy was a bit too generous yesterday!

Happy Sunday- today is VLCD day 21, R2P2 for me-doing homeopathic. Yesterday, if you follow along, I had a super drop. Well, I think the whoosh fairy was too generous as I gained .4. I am not body probably said...WTF???!! I was only planning to go 21 days of doses, but this close to my goal (which is 155 for now) I am going to continue on. This round hasn't been as smooth sailing as R1..but it has all been a learning experience.

I did take measurements, and my inches lost is as slow as my pounds lost. I think it's because I am so close to goal, and fairly low body fat. I've only lost .5 of my waist and .25 of each calf (yeah..I know, it's wierd!), body fat is at an all time low of............................................................ 20.19%- yep..I'm just a hair out of the athletic range (that is 14%- 20%). So that being's all good. I know I am losing inches in places I don't the space between my waist and hips...right around my hips bones. :) I have no other choice to keep on aiming for my goal!! My overall goal is to get down into the 140's, if my body will let me. to do chores!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Uncharted Territory-at least since 1994!!

WOW..been on track this week. Sorry for the lack of posts. Have had decent weight loss, and with the coaching of a friend decided to do a Vitamin C flush (6-8 tablets of c for 3 days). I've been around sick people all last week and didn't want to get sick. Yesterday was day one of that flush and ..........I am down 2.4 lbs!!!! WOO HOOO....I am within 8.4 of my goal weight of 155! I am pretty excited! Sunday is 21 days. This P2 has been a battle! Not sure how far past day 21 I will continue...had been counting down until Thursday (3.19) as last dose...but it will depend how my body is dropping and how close to goal I am.

This week has been trial and error. R1 I never ate melba. This round-last week I tried adding it. NOt good...can't do melba. I think I have some kind of gluten intolerance..though not allergic. Good thing to know now!

It's Saturday..WOOO HOOO.....continuing on STRONG!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

VLCD day 13 R2P2

The scale is going down! Since I was able to break my stall I am starting a pattern of one day is a big drop (a pound or more) and the next day is smaller...- .6. That's what it was today... -.6. I will take it! I've actually used this 2 weeks to get back where I should've started! Yep..I gained a bunch loading for this round. My body just does not tolerate the processed crap!! It's good to find out in between rounds instead of when I am trying to maintain- at least I think so!

I'm still aiming for the 140's- who knows if my body will like that number! I'm still working out-nothing overly strenuous, but moving! I carry a lot of muscle, and I'd like to keep what I have-it's good for me! Looking, looking, looking to get into the 150's by VLCD 21 which is a week from tomorrow! I will do this! Measurements and new photos tomorrow- curious to see where I am at! ~ Cheers

LCF= Low Carb Friends...a good forum with lots of info http://

Friday, March 6, 2009

VLCD day 12 R2P2

I've been a loser since I broke my stall-down a whole pound today and loving it!! If you haven't tried boiled radishes try them!! Over on LCF someone posted the recipe....boil in water for about 20 minutes or until soft when you poke with a knife...they taste very similar to potatoes! YES> bitter taste! It's a nice change I tell ya!

I am so focused on the 150's! I am feeling lean...losing inches I can tell. I am wearing my belt on the smallest notch I've ever worn it on. On Sunday, which is VLCD day 14 I am taking midway photos and measurements. My Phase 3 was a bit of a bust....but I learned from it and I am armed for my next P3. I did load prior to this P2 which put me up 10+ pounds. It was the processed crap I ate. My body just can't tolerate it. biggie, I will find alternatives. I do love the clean eating way...I just need to kee in control and make my own foods so I know what goes into them!

Alright..focus, focus, focus on the 150's- here I come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

VLCD day 10 update

WOW..can you say stall for the last 4 days. FINALLY today I am down 1.4 lbs. I didn't reach my goal to get to my LDW by VLCD day 7. I am now aiming for the 150's. Sure would be nice to be there by VLCD day 14 but we will see.
The stall could've been due to a lot of things..TOM coming very late? I also had a big tiling project that kicked my ass for 3 days-so it was like doing double workouts. Yesterday I made sure I ate close to 500 calories. Whatever I did worked and I am not questioning it. I am just happy to finally see the scale moving in the right direction.

Been keeping up with lots of water, tea, and focusing on good clean foods. At times it is just a huge mind game. Last round I felt skinny- this round...I don't have that feeling. My good friend pointed out that our bodies are like our cars- when it's a new car you aren't used to it but get used to driving it around and it doesn't seem new anymore. I am waiting for my mind to catch up with my body...still seeing the fatty in the mirror. Perhaps that's why the body stalled- trying to let me catch up?? Nice of the ol' body!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

VLCD day 4

WEll....the scale is AWESOME...down another 3.2 today. I am close to my goal of being at LDW by VLCD day 7!! I will keep you updated. I feel super! OH...and wonderful TOM showed up today...a week and 2 days LATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

VLCD day 2....sailing through!

WOO HOOO...lost 4.6 lbs today! YEP...setting mini goals for myself and cruising along. Felt a little bit of hunger yesterday and today...but it was totally mangeable! I just chugged water and pictured the body I am working towards. Broth based meals (read soups) at lunch seem to fill me up, and since it is cold out...I will be having soup for lunch. Been working out..(I did all through R1 P2 and P3!!). Today I did 15 minutes on the bike, 46 minutes on the elliptical ,then abs and chest. YES.totally rawked it...not sure how I pulled it off being on VLCD...but the sweat felt great!

Here is my menu from today:

1st thing in the a.m.- 2 cups of coffee sweetened with stevia and 1 teaspoon 1/2 and 1/2
Bfast- yerba mate tea and strawberry "smoothie"
Lunch- shredded cabbage, acv dressing, and chix breast- tea
Snack- cucumbers in acv and an orange
Supper- shrimp on a big bed of salad with acv dressing and tea
2 gallons of water spaced throughout the day
4 magnesium tablets (to keep the bowles moving) ready to see the scale numbers getting smaller and smaller!! I LOVE P2!!!!!!!!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Round 2, Phase 2, VLCD day 1!!!!!!!!

WEll, loading was just horrible!! I ate some processed stuff, and had chinese for supper and the scale shows it. I definitely can't tolerate crap anymore..which is good, because eating that way made me feel horrible! I feel so amazing when I am eating clean!!

Today is VLCD day 1- goal weight is somewhere in the 140's, but that is felixible as the last "low" weight I can remember is 155. Not sure if my body will like the 140's, but I will cross that bridge when I get to it. I am hoping to only do the short round this time-but we'll see. 21 days of VLCD is easy.....and I LOVE the foods-so I am excited. I actually missed eating clean when I was on P3. The added fats were a nice change, but I didn't feel as lean:)

OK-off to start the day. Looking forward to the weigh in tomorrow to DROP some of this horrible bloat!

Friday, February 20, 2009

P3 almost done...and onto another (and last!) P2

Well, P3 has been a learning experience. I learned that I can't do too much dairy-especially cheese! And onions seem to not agree with me. This last week I have struggled with trying to get down to LDW, but it has not been a bad thing. It's been interesting to see how my body reacts to the correction days. I tried the steak day, chicken day, and egg day-all in that order. And..just like BIZ from HTA says...I started out losing high, and then the losses became smaller.

No worries though...I really did learn alot. I also know that for my next P3 I will immediately go to bootcamp. I think if I had done that, I would've been able to stay within LDW catching the rise in lbs early on.

So, I have been chattin' with a great friend about whether to load or not load....since I went from P2 to P3, now just going back to P3. I am a bit concerned that if I don't load, I will suffer hunger from lack of fats in my system. Therefore, I am planning on loading tomorrow and Sunday, and VLCD 1 will be Monday. Of course...I will NOT load like I did back in December. The thought of processed anything doesn't sit well with the tummy!

Monday, February 16, 2009

2 consecutive steak days= 4 lb loss :)

Well, after I just did 2 steak days and lost 4 pounds (woo hoo!) I read on HTA that I should have done them with a clean P3 day in between. I probably should've lost more. Fact is, though, I was so busy at work, I probably would've gained if I had done a normal day yesterday. I really didn't have time to eat.

Regardless, I am pleased with the progress. Right now I have 7 days left in P3, and I am sitting at an even 5 lbs over LDW. I are supposed to do a correction day the scale says you are over. Believe me...this is my first P3 and I am learning soooo much!

Today will be a clean, clean, clean P3 day (read P2 foods with added fats), then tomorrow I am doing the whole chicken day. It's a correction day alternative I read about over on HTA. I will be able to nosh throughout the day on a roasted chicken. With work calming down, waiting to eat until the evening wouldn't work!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

The adventures of P3 :)

Sorry for the lack of posts. I've been swamped at I eat, sleep, and think work 24/7! Not good for the stress level!

P3 is turning out to be quite the adventure, and some detective work. I did great the first week, then went out of town and needed a steak day. The steak day resulted in a loss, but not the big whoosh that most people see. So, I did a protein day-and went UP in lbs!WTH?? So, yesterday was a normal day and I am back to losing. TOM is looming, so I am not sure if that is what is effecting my weight. I am focused, working out, and drinking a lot of water. It is still hard to get used to *needing* fats, but I really enjoy the cream cheese muffins. They are pretty tasty.

My weight is still above LIW by what is NOT allowable, so I am working on getting that down, and figuring out what foods the body does not like ( cheese for me- like the block of cheddar I have in the fridge). My body like the 2 fruits at a minimum daily-so I am aimimg to get back within the allowable range be the end of the weekend.

I am still on plan as far as starting R2P2 on 2/23. Changed goal weight to 140ish. I say "ish" becuase I don't know how my body will like those numbers. I honestly can't remember the last time I was anywhere near that weight- probably just out of high school...which was over 20 years ago! Jeeesh:)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Back from a weekend out of town...which is tough on P3

Hey..back from a long weekend in So Cal..and let me tell ya- it was tough traveling on P3. Yeah...I took P3 snacks with me, but driving 10 hrs makes it tough to get all your water in- unless you are wearing a diaper!! So was tough! BUT...I am happy to report after a steak day my LDW is within site! After another strict day I am sure I will be back where I need to be.

I will be back to P2 in about a week and a half-trying to start it on a Monday-easier if I am distracted at work! Back to working out today...and for some reason my knee has been bothering me. I haven't worked out all weekend, and that may be why. Stayed in a motel on the way home on Sunday night and we were on the 3rd floor. After walking down the stairs then up my knee was sore...ummm, so sore that I need tylenol. Not sending some good healing vibes to the old knee!

Time to ROCK February!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Time for a STEAK DAY :)

Steak days sound negative, but I actually need one because I didn't eat enough!! Who would have thought?? I wasn't feeling too great yesterday- a side affect of my knee injection, so I came home from work early and slept. I did eat, but not enough protein and fats.

Steak day it is. I think it will be easier since I am driving all day. I think it will keep my mind off the lack of food until supper time. Much easier for me then sitting around the house waiting to eat. :)

Hope you all are faring well. 1 week into P3 and doing good. It is really odd how much fat you need. I have been loosley following the ratios that Biz gives out in her bootcamp- I think it's about 60% fat, 20% protein, 10% carbs. I only input my meals on day one in Fitday just to see where the ratios were.

Cheers...happy weekend. Be back Monday!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

P3 is still going great....6 days in now!

Sorry I forgot to update this morning. Wasn't feeling 100%- got my last injection for my knee and I took migraine meds so my head wasn't all there today. Actually came home from work early, took a nap for about 2.5 hrs, and feel a little better :)

P3 is still going good. I am eating a variety of foods and keeping on track. I hesitate to post what I've been eating as I don't think it's fair to anyone (if anyone does read this) who is following VLCD and P2 to have to read about food they can't have right now. I will just say that this is going much better than my first attempt (the attempt which I totally bombed at..and used it as a planned interruption and went back to P2). I have not had the slighest thought about cheating on ANY carbs or starches. I am following protocol as far as P2, but adding fat and larger protein portions, and trying some added veggies.

I will be back on P2 after 3 weeks or so (I may do P3 for an added couple of days so I start back on P2 when I am at work-so it doesn't fall on a weekend.

I have been continuing my workouts-both cardio and weights. I am trying to extend my cardio time, though. I also still take my magnesium, but only 2 tablets a day. With the added fat I have had no issue with BM's. I've also continued drinking about 2 gallons of water-and maybe cut back on tea by a cup or two. Tea was real great for keeping my mind of food and keeping me warm whilst on P2.

My next update probably won't be until early next week. My husband and I are going to So Cal to visit some dear friends of ours-so I will be off line!

Everyone or anyone that reads this..continue kicking butt!! If you are at a plateau, work through it. We all know that those suck!! Try changing it up...add more water, add a different tea, re-read P & I to make sure you aren't missing anything, switch up your protein-maybe try eggs. These are all things I did that really helped. I also experimented cooking with LOTS of spices...and used my ACV dressing on everything!

Cheers everyone!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

P3 is going well!

I'm officially in P3 land- miss P2 and the clean foods, but I am still eating that (larger portions) with the added fats. It is odd how much food you can eat- but all is going well! I have found that cheese really isn't my friend- LOVE, LOVE, LOVE veggies! It's nice to be able to enjoy red meat again! Over my weekend I really missed my hot tea-and for me, that really helps with hunger and helps stabilize my weight.

Back in the game today as far as workouts, though while I was gon I did do a lot of walking. So..P3 is great. Plan on doing the whole 3 weeks, then back to a short round of P2-which will be easy since P2 for me was about 50 days long! I am thinking about adjusting my goal weight...dropping it down. OK..have a rockin' day.Holy crap-it's February already!

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Phase 3 baby! 72 hour wait wasn't supposed to be up until 1700 tonight, but last night I was hungry!!! It was hungry like nothing else..chugging water wouldn't even fix it-so I figured it was time. I added to my meals yesterday by adding an additional small apple, several more ounces of chicken, then about 10 macadamia nuts and a tiny bit of coconut oil. Of course...soon after eating the nuts my tummy was odd-but I feel good!

Yesterday's weight was 164.2
Today- 164.4

Over on one of the forums I belong to there was a brief dicussion about how long to do VLCD for after your last dose or injection. The debate was whether for hhcg it was 48 or 72 hours. As we are all different, I guess the wait time may be different too. I was fully commited to going the 72 hours...but the hunger told me something else. IT WAS REAL! So, my waitwas 48! I did feel strange eating the nuts-not ever had one of those without chocolate on it...but they were yummy! Guess my body needed that fat. I have read some discussion about folks on P2 adding a few macadamias in to switch things up...get a little fat in their diets.

So...I'm officially in P3 and plan to go 3 weeks-get weight stabilized, then do a short round of P2. Looking at changing my goal (originally it was 155)-but since I am close, this will be the last P2 ever!! Still going to be working out like normal-just the P3 diet.

Alright guys..I am headed out of town for Super Bowl weekend-be back with an update on Monday. Taking some meals with me, and my trusty scale! Enjoy your weekend! :)

Friday, January 30, 2009

Ok-Last dose was 1/28!! Headed to P3

Hey...decided with the gains and the dreams about food that it was time for a break. Last dose was 1/28 with LDW at 166 even. Finished VLCD 1 (part of the 72 hrs) and was all good. 72 hr wait is up 1/31 at 1700, so supper will be P3. I am armed with a lot of info of what NOT to do! I can't wait to continue with the awesome veggies, and some more fat! I will be out of town all I hope to be good- taking veggies, hard boiled eggs, and chicken with me!! I AM STRONG.

Here are my R1P2 stats

Pre load wt-196
VLCD day 1- 200.4
LDW- 166 even (holy shit....that's some pounds lost!!)
Inches Lost- 27.25
Starting body fat- 30.42%
Ending Body fat- 20.87%

My goal was 155- I made it close. I am figuring on going on the 3 week P3, then coming back to one last P2. I think I may adjust my goal..thinking about 140 (I am 5'7").

Thursday, January 29, 2009

VLCD day 50...another gain??!!

Ok-I went to bed at 7:30 pm last night because I was getting a migraine (effect of my knee injection-nice, huh!!?)-woke up at 12:30 and was awake until about 2:30 or 3 am-finally fell asleep and slept until 4 a.m. Got up at that time which is normal...and scale is reading 166.2- + .2 lbs- which makes it a total of + 1 whole pound in 2days. Odd it this a sign that I need to head into P3?? I am going to hold out at least one more day- tonight is league bowling an I always show a loss the following day. I'm not bummed....something might be going on because I had a dream about food- which has only happened once!! Plus- all last week I had some big losses-no complaints here!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

VLCD day 49-what...another gain??

Hey all..well the scale is being an ass right now!! Yesterday's weight was 165.2, today I am +.8 to 166 even. No worries..just trying to do my detective work to figure out why. Here may be why:

1) Made chicken and cheese quesadillas for the husband. Got some cheese and grease on my hands but washed immediately! I was sooooo paranoid! And no..I HAD NONE! I had a huge green salad and tilapia thank you!

2)Woke up with an achy (muscles)lower body. I did a run/walk workout on the tready- maybe my muscles are retaining some water?

3)The last week+ before my interruption, my weight was flucuating like this (however I am seeing bigger losses this time). I took that as a sign that I needed to hit P3. Is this that sign?

4) Aliens came down and tinkered with my scale because they saw how freakin' happy I was yesterday to finally be at my drivers license weight!

5) Warning...TMI- got lucky last night. I guess I am paranoid..but I always wonder if that effects my weigh in!! Heeeee heeee

Ok-now that my detective work is out there (you all are probably thinking I am crazy now!)-I am hoping to pull a decent loss tomorrow. The number in my mind is 163- but that is 3 p0unds so we will see! Today I will do some good stretching, lighter cardio, and abs followed by lots, and lots of water. Today is also my 2nd of 3 injections in my knee. Last week the injection didn't seem to affect my let's hope that holds true.

At any rate-I am planning on transitioning to P3 next week. I am excited..because I know to ease into it!! I've got a plan!! :) At this point I am not sure if I am going to do the full 3 weeks-it would probably be good for me-then one more 21 day round of P2 and I should be at goal!! (Goal may change...still pondering that).

Ok-got to get ready for work. Happy last Wednesday of January-can you believe it?

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Crap..forgot to post this morning....LOSERVILLE!!

Hey...must have still been trying to wake up..sorry. I am back to loserville!! My weight is down to 165.2-and wow does it feel wierd saying that. It seems like yesterday I was happy and posting about 195!!!!!!!! I lost 1.4 pounds..which is awesome this far in. Whatever I am doing it is working!! I added cinnamon back into my teas (ummm, maybe it was that!)-and I eat a bit more that 3.5 oz of protein at supper- probably closer to 4 oz. Ever since my planned interruption I have been eating my 2 servings of fruit (normall a small orange and a small apple daily). I am losing better now than the last week or so-that interruption of 3 days with added fats helped!!!

Regardless...I FINALLY WEIGH WHAT MY DRIVERS LICENSE SAID! And..soon I will not know what to do- because for the first time ever will I weigh less than what it says!! VEry cool!

I am about 10 pounds within my's in sight and I am pushing hard!Tried a run/walk interval on the treadmill today (along with a weight workout afterwards) and that probably wasn't a good idea. When I was running the bad knee started hurting. I go for another shot tomorrow.

OK...time to drink some more water, tea, then hit the sack!!!!! OH..not sure if I've posted about this, but early on I was having a serious lack of BM's. WEll, someone suggested I start taking magnesium. I started-works like a charm, and helps me sleep the whole night (minus the time I get up to pee in the middle of the night!).

Alrighty...can't wait to see the scale tomorrow!!!!!!!!!! Cheers~ Dee

Monday, January 26, 2009

VLCD day 47- weight up .2??

Well..kind of a bummer but I was wondering if I would go up in weight. Yesterday I tried some P2 friendly chili. I used ground turkey (1st time using ground turkey since on protocol) and tomatoes and zuchinni. I know...none of that is on the P2 list (with the exception of tomatoes). I am going to freeze the rest (it was yummy!) for P3 and move on.

Meals are planned and in Fitday, and today I will resume my workouts. Time to test the "new" knee out! Goal weight is to be BELOW 160 by Saturday 1/31!!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

VLCD day 46...more losses!

WOO HOOO-another 1.2 pounds loss. Total loss of inches for this past week is 3.5-so a great week! I had some Emu last night that I added way to much salt to, so I was worried I would show no loss today...but I flushed my body with so much water after supper that I got up 3 times in the middle of the night to pee!

Here are the photos as promised. I finally have collar bones!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also..the before photos were taken 1 month before I started HCG-my weight was about 189-192. My husband and I went to Mexico to an all-inclusvie after we got back...I can only imagine how much I weighed (read.....all you can drink margaritas and all you can eat FRESH quacamole!)

Saturday, January 24, 2009

VLCD day 45-a one pound loss :)

Ok...blogger is acting up. I just typed a post for today and it decided to delete it!! it goes again! Weight is into the 167' 167.6-a 1 pound loss from yesterday. It is the smallest loss since my planned interruption, but I will take it. Not sure if it has to do with my knee injection yesterday, or no workout??

Today I am getting my hair colored-so I am curious to see if that has any bearing on my weight loss. At any rate...I am feeling amazing-and getting a lot of compliments. I still haven't told anyone (not even my husband) about the hhcg protocol. I am just telling them that I am not eating sugar or anything processed. :) Enjoy your Saturday everyone~ Dee

PS-Photos and measurements tomorrow

Friday, January 23, 2009

VLCD day 44...and holy sh*t...kickin a**!!

WOOO Hooo-after that planned interruption- I am down to my lowest weight since doing Hhcg- 168.6!!!!! Somehow I lost another 3.2 lbs- crazy I tell you!! The only thing I did different yesterday was had 2 cups of coffee with stevia at about 7 pm. I was bowling (league) and was freezing. I am definitely NOT complaining ,though!! My goal was to be at 169.2 by next Friday..LOVE it- time for new goals!! I am having an injection done for my knee. Yeah..wondering if this will affect my weight. You see- I've got a REAL BAD knee that I had surgery on back in 2001. Well...after summer it was really bothering me- got an MRI and got bad results. NO CARTILAGE left in my knee!! WHAT...doc didn't believe it...he had to ask how old I was ....again! So...instead of doing knee replacement surgery- I decided to lose weight (kicking ass in that department) and I am getting an injection of Synvisc- which will put some lube back in my knee so that I don't have bone on bone grinding. The doc won't do knee replacement on me until I change careers- but my career is a whole other topic.

OK people- use me as an example. KEEP ON TRACK..and kick ass!! I am within 13.6 lbs of my goal. The decision is now how long to continue??

Thursday, January 22, 2009

I'm still dropping :)

Another day of a loss...down another 1.8 lbs! Had my 2 servings of fruit yesterday- and changed up my proteins. Instead of meat, I did egg (3 egg whites and 1 yolk scrambled with some chili powder) and added it to my broth. It was like that Chinese egg drop soup- and a very nice change! Also, every night as I lay down for bed, I visualize what I want my "final product" (my dream body!) to look like. I work from head to toe remiding myself what my goal measurements are. It's a great (positive) way to drift off :)

Photos will be coming this weekend-which I am excited for! How sick is that?? to ROCK another day! Oh...and I've been mentally preparing myself for when I do re-enter p3. I will not fail this time! I am arming myself with info, reminding myself that it's just P2 on steroids so to speak. Still same clean foods, just add fat and more protein. I think what got me last time was drooling over all of the p3 recipes. I was excited to try them all..forgetting that I need to test food to see how I react first. Have an awesome day all :) ~ Dee

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

WOO HOOO- down 3.4 lbs from yesterday

It's gonna be a great hump day! Weight is down 3.4 lbs today! Not sure if it is because TOM is OVER, or due to the extras I added yesterday??

Normally, I have one fruit a day, along with the 2 servings of protein, and several servins of veggies-all coming in around 470- 498 calories. Well, yesterday I did an orange late morning, my normal lunch, extra veggies (celery), then an apple in the afternoon, and LOTS of water. The result- a big WHOOSH on the scale. I am very happy! And..I woke up today feeling super lean. That horrible stomach bloat that I inflicted on myself is gone :)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Doing GREAT...and losing some weight!

WOO and yesterday have been great. Back on P2-from a scheduled break. Today is day 2 back on VLCD P2-and if I keep counting from where I left off, today would be VLCD day 41. I did drop 1.6 pounds, so that felt great! And...I feel so much better. Mind, body and soul feel so much better than they did when I was stuffing that bad crap in my face this weekend.

I've been told that I was hard on myself...maybe I was-because I try to hold myself to high standards. But...i am the first one to "let me have it" when I F* up. Well...I let myself have it, and jumped back up, dusted myself off, and feel AMAZING!! So-if any of you are facing a tough time...stay focused. I think that maybe my mind needed a bit of a break...but my body took over and I got out of control. It's done..I'm on track...and continue to move forward.

I am not sure how long I will stay on the remainder of P2. I know that because I took the break..I should be able to go for 23 more days. I've got some goals set...I will share them soon :)

Monday, January 19, 2009

Tried p3...going back to P2!!

Well...I had hit 40 days on hhcg, and my weight was coming off real slow. I decided to hit P3-but way, way overindulged on all the food choices. SO...back to P3. It's embarassing...but it's best for me!

My weight slow down last week was explained by TOM arriving 1 week early! That toyed with my cravings-so that, with the timing of going to p3 was a disaster!

I don't feel comfortable posting my weight...but today I am back at P2 and totally excited to have that structure back! I love the clean, clean, clean foods of P2!! I did cook a bunch of p3 foods but my husband will get to devour those...which is fine by me! Today I will start my homeopathic doses again. I do have a function to attend in a few weeks, but if I am still on P2 I will work with it. :)

On a positive note..even though the transition for me to P3 was a failure....I did need new jeans...and now wear a size 10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was wearing 14's or 16's before protocol. Yep...had to donate about 10 pairs of jeans !!

So---to anyone out there who is having a hard time. Stay focused-and know when you need to adjust! I'm so ready to get to my goal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Decided to go to Phase 3

Weight today is 168.8- finally down! But..after all the hunger yesterday, and being on VLCD 39 yesterday, I have decided that yesterday was LIW or LDW (last dose weight). I was hungry enough to "cheat" yesterday- which means I added a fruit with my supper, and extra protein (about 2 more ounces)-and I still lost. My body and mind need a break. This all my change, but I am planning on doing about 3 weeks at P3, then going back onto P2 on Feb.10th- which works for my schedule and trips out of town. I am looking forward to trying different foods and recipes. This weekend I will take photos-a comparison that I am really interested in seeing!

OH..and I just did measurements and this week-although it was short, I am down another 2.75 inches overall- so granted the weight loss was SLOW, I still lost inches. Also, as soon as I am into P3 I will switch from the Candida G (which is P2 friendly) to Ferm Plus in hopes to keep those cravings for the crap (read sugar and carbs...definitely my enemies!!) to a minimum and keep that good micro floura (I'm pretty sure that's what it does) going :)

Thursday, January 15, 2009

VLCD day 39...and I am starving!!

I have to keep my fingers occupied. I am sipping a cup of hot broth, and I am scared to death because if anyone put any food in front of me, whether it be grilled fish or a cake..I would eat it!! I'm not sure what is going on with me today! I've been really cold, and starving hungry!! Since I've begun the protocol this is the hungriest I've been. I am thinking that maybe it is time to go to P3. Tomorrow's weigh in will dictate that. I was hoping to be at least at 165 before I go to P3, but my body may not allow it. It's all good- there is a reason for everything. I've lost a lot of weight...from pre load 26.8 lbs from VLCD day 1- I've lost 31.2- and overall, as of last Sunday, 20.25 inches....and I get compliments daily! It sure makes it worth it!

Ok..just thought I'd update. I'm still taking my Candida G- so that is not it. I am supposed to get my period in about a week, so it could very well be PMS, but these are some BAD cravings I tell ya. Supper will be in a few- grilled fish and coleslaw with acv dressing :) Lord help me be strong and not cave!

VLCD day 39....weight loss has slowed a bit!

Hello- weight today is 169.2. It was the same yesterday-and I had hoped to hit the 168's by today. Looking back, since last Sunday (VLCD day 35) I've lost weight every other day. Last week I think my body was trying to get back on track with the homeopathic. Phase 3 might be near for me! I had hoped to go until 1/23-and have that as my last dose day. We'll see-it can't hurt. I feel good- more people are noticing-clothes are too big and I am looking forward to eating a bit differently. I LOVE clean belly bloat, that feeling tha goes with it- but it may be time for a change. TOM is supposed to appear next week-but last time it didn't mess with my weight at all :)

Monday, January 12, 2009

VLCD day 36 update...HIT MY MINI GOAL!!

Ok..hit my mini goal a day late, but I will take it!! 169.6 today baby!!!! WOOO FREAKIN' HOOOOO! I am very proud of myself. I've had a couple of incidents with food, but managed to put those behind me and kick some ass!! I was thinking the other day....every few days I USED TO stop in the local drug store for groceries. Well, the first aisle I would hit was the cany aisle! NO MORE OF THAT! I know that I am saving money not even going there...and I've also saved my health!! That is an awesome reward! NExt mini goal for VLCD day 42 is 165 :) I KNOW I CAN DO IT!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

VLCD day 35 update

Another drop, and barely missed my goal. Goal was to get into the 160's, and made it to 170 EVEN! No worries...I will get it tomorrow. I had a good loss of inches- 3.25. Looking back at my stats, this week was getting readjusted to homeopathic. Note to self..if it's working, don't change (regarding me changing over to HCG injections mid way!).

This week I lost:
-.25 from my neck
-.50 from my waist
-.25 from my hips
-.50 from each thigh
-.25 from each calf
-.25 from each bicep
-.25 from each forearm

Conclusion: I am shrinking!!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

The 160's are within site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Saturday-no work for me today! YIPPEEEEEEEE!

Weight went down..again! I'm at 170.6- tomorrow my goal is to get into the 160's-and I will also be taking some measurements. Yesterday was all fish day, today will be the same (between grilled shrimp and tilapia). I love fish...could eat it 24 hrs a day. I must have lived on the ocean in a previous life!!

Still no progress in the BM department. Increased my magnesium to 4 tablets yesterday...I'm hoping things begin to move today. Funny thing is , even though there's been no "progress", I'm still losing pounds! Very cool:)
**Edit- there has been progress in the BM department! Yippee! Also, if anyone out there is taking magnesium, I've found that sometimes I have to adjust my dosage on a daily basis, given my "productivity" in the bathroom!

Friday, January 9, 2009

VLCD day 33 and a drop in weight! WOO HOO

Hello out is VLCD day 33 for me. FINALLY saw a weight I am at 171.4. This is what I did differently yesterday:

~Worked out only cardio (and did elliptical for 30 a sweat going but it was not a hardcore workout).

~Didn't have a BM (I know...TMI, but it's important to document this!)

~For lunch ,my normal soup in which I use my homemade broth, shrimp, and cabbage, I didn't consume all the broth (may be onto something here!)

~Used 1T of milk in my coffee. It was yummy! Wonder if this has anything to do with it?

So...the mystery continues. As long as I am dropping something- inches or weight, I will continue on Phase 2. I am planning that my last day will be 1/27 putting me at 47 days dosing (remember, I did 1 week of real HCG shots and my body didn't seem to like that!).

Some may wonder why I pick that date? It's because I am going out of town two weekends in a row where I won't be able to stick with the VLCD. Not due to lack of will power...just the events I'm going to, and being out of town. Depending on what my LIW is, that will decide if I will do another round :)

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Coconut Oil update

Ok..yesterday I put 1/2 T of coconut oil in my coffee to see if it would benefit me as far as weight loss goes. Today...scale didn't move. I know it's only one day, but I don't want to lose anymore days. c/o today- looking at getting into the 160's by next measurement day which is Sunday.

Looking at the big picture, I am tinkering with the idea of doing a 2 week Phase 3, then back on Phase 2 to get to my goal weight. Normally I would just stick with Dr. S has laid out in his protocol, but due to work, if I did the P3 for the 6 weeks, then 4, then back to 2 it would be real tough with work ramping up in the Spring and early summer. Plus, I have several weekends of travel and visiting friends where it might be difficult to be in Phase 2. I could make it work, but it would be tough.I 've been spoiled being here at home or at my Mom's. That being said, then I've got 3 more weeks of P2- which will put me at about the 50 day mark on p2- but if you figure in the time I've lost because of the oopsies, it would be around 40 (accounting for the gain and loss and getting back to losing part).

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

VLCD day 31 update

Weight today 172.2-kind of been bouncing around and not sure why. Trying to figure it out is fun?? Well, not really. It is perplexing. I switched back to homepathic on VLCD day 29-so that may have something to do with the jumping around part. Meals have been 100% on track with no deviations. I read over on the Yahoo HCG group about coconut oil a while ago, and did some reading. I added 1/2 T into my coffee today and we will see what that does (and did count for it in my daily calories). Nothing to lose-right?? It does taste with a hint of coconut (which I love!).

I believe that I am still losing inches. Jeans that I wear to work that fit me about 30 days ago are falling off me. I wore them yesterday and realized they fit like loose pj's. Been working out consistently...which is normal for me-just not as hardcore as before the protocol. I feel good..other than this crud I am trying to get! :) I will try to update tomorrow with progress and the coconut oil :)

Sunday, January 4, 2009

VLCD day 28 update

WOO HOOO..FINALLY dropped some pounds! Here are my stats:

VLCD day 21- wt 174

Today, VLCD day 28- wt 172.4

Lost 2 inches in a week. So, it's obvious that the losses have slowed way down. I posted a ? on another board I visit about my oopsie my weight loss being real slow, and the question was thrown back to me ,"why didn't you just stay on homeopathic since it was obviously working so great?" Well, that is a good question. In hindsight, I should have stayed on it. I will never know if I will have had the same slow down. Today I am skipping and injection (to prevent immunity from setting in). Tomorrow I will resume shots. It does hang in the back of my mind about switching BACK to homeopathic. We will see.

Time for me to set new goals..I obviously didn't hit my goal of 167 by today. I think my body is trying to catch up with all the pounds and inches I've lost. One of my dear (and very thin and small framed friend) was asking me about my weight. She asked me how much I weigh now, and , bless her heart, guessed 150. I told her I loved her..and no, it was 174ish (this was last night before my whoosh drop!). She didn't believe that made me feel good. :)

Off to ROCK the day!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Down a little- 174.2- I'm soooo freakin' close!

I am trying to not get frustrated...but I am disappointed in myself for my slip up on Monday. It has affected my weight all week! Today I am down to 174.2-here is the progress

VLCD day 21-174 (lowest weight I can remember since 1994!)
day 22- 174.2 (?not sure about weight gain- first day of injected HCG/transition from homeopathic)
day 23-175.4-oopsie-had 4 cookies nigh before this weigh in!
day 24-174.8
day 25-174.6
day 26-174.2 (TODAY)

My original goal was 167 by day 28, which is Sunday. Since I am experiencing SLOW drops, my new goal is to get into the 160's by Sunday. I will push towards that.

Already got part of my workout in today...weights- chest and biceps :)

Thursday, January 1, 2009

HAPPY NEW YEAR......scale is moving down slowly

Happy 2009. I had hoped to start the New Year in the 173's, but my body is holding on tight, dammit!! I think the oopsie on day 21 might have fowled me up for a few days. I am still going strong, though. I am not perfect...and the oopsie was a bit of a mental break. I should've been stronger, but it's over and I am kicking ass!!

Scale today is at 174.6-really, really hoping to see 173's tomorrow. I got busy yesterday and didn't get my workout in. I will get it done today. Did have a successful BM, so looks like the 1000 mg of magnesium is a good dose for me.

I did awesome last night at the party I went to. Drank about 3 liters, maybe 4 of water, a cup of hot tea, and had one boiled shrimp. Man, if I was loading, all of the food that was there would have been in my mouth! No alcohol for me either! Had a great time with my awesome group of friends.

Once again ,will be changing up the menu, getting a bit of chicken back in my belly. Going to BBQ some chicken breasts today. My husband thinks I am whacky for grilling on the BBQ when there is snow on the ground, but I LOVE BBQ!! to make it another strong day! Oh...and those jeans I wore last night..I totally ROCKED them!! Got lots of nice compliments from my friends so that felt amazing :)