Thursday, February 26, 2009

VLCD day 4

WEll....the scale is AWESOME...down another 3.2 today. I am close to my goal of being at LDW by VLCD day 7!! I will keep you updated. I feel super! OH...and wonderful TOM showed up today...a week and 2 days LATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

VLCD day 2....sailing through!

WOO HOOO...lost 4.6 lbs today! YEP...setting mini goals for myself and cruising along. Felt a little bit of hunger yesterday and today...but it was totally mangeable! I just chugged water and pictured the body I am working towards. Broth based meals (read soups) at lunch seem to fill me up, and since it is cold out...I will be having soup for lunch. Been working out..(I did all through R1 P2 and P3!!). Today I did 15 minutes on the bike, 46 minutes on the elliptical ,then abs and chest. YES.totally rawked it...not sure how I pulled it off being on VLCD...but the sweat felt great!

Here is my menu from today:

1st thing in the a.m.- 2 cups of coffee sweetened with stevia and 1 teaspoon 1/2 and 1/2
Bfast- yerba mate tea and strawberry "smoothie"
Lunch- shredded cabbage, acv dressing, and chix breast- tea
Snack- cucumbers in acv and an orange
Supper- shrimp on a big bed of salad with acv dressing and tea
2 gallons of water spaced throughout the day
4 magnesium tablets (to keep the bowles moving) ready to see the scale numbers getting smaller and smaller!! I LOVE P2!!!!!!!!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Round 2, Phase 2, VLCD day 1!!!!!!!!

WEll, loading was just horrible!! I ate some processed stuff, and had chinese for supper and the scale shows it. I definitely can't tolerate crap anymore..which is good, because eating that way made me feel horrible! I feel so amazing when I am eating clean!!

Today is VLCD day 1- goal weight is somewhere in the 140's, but that is felixible as the last "low" weight I can remember is 155. Not sure if my body will like the 140's, but I will cross that bridge when I get to it. I am hoping to only do the short round this time-but we'll see. 21 days of VLCD is easy.....and I LOVE the foods-so I am excited. I actually missed eating clean when I was on P3. The added fats were a nice change, but I didn't feel as lean:)

OK-off to start the day. Looking forward to the weigh in tomorrow to DROP some of this horrible bloat!

Friday, February 20, 2009

P3 almost done...and onto another (and last!) P2

Well, P3 has been a learning experience. I learned that I can't do too much dairy-especially cheese! And onions seem to not agree with me. This last week I have struggled with trying to get down to LDW, but it has not been a bad thing. It's been interesting to see how my body reacts to the correction days. I tried the steak day, chicken day, and egg day-all in that order. And..just like BIZ from HTA says...I started out losing high, and then the losses became smaller.

No worries though...I really did learn alot. I also know that for my next P3 I will immediately go to bootcamp. I think if I had done that, I would've been able to stay within LDW catching the rise in lbs early on.

So, I have been chattin' with a great friend about whether to load or not load....since I went from P2 to P3, now just going back to P3. I am a bit concerned that if I don't load, I will suffer hunger from lack of fats in my system. Therefore, I am planning on loading tomorrow and Sunday, and VLCD 1 will be Monday. Of course...I will NOT load like I did back in December. The thought of processed anything doesn't sit well with the tummy!

Monday, February 16, 2009

2 consecutive steak days= 4 lb loss :)

Well, after I just did 2 steak days and lost 4 pounds (woo hoo!) I read on HTA that I should have done them with a clean P3 day in between. I probably should've lost more. Fact is, though, I was so busy at work, I probably would've gained if I had done a normal day yesterday. I really didn't have time to eat.

Regardless, I am pleased with the progress. Right now I have 7 days left in P3, and I am sitting at an even 5 lbs over LDW. I are supposed to do a correction day the scale says you are over. Believe me...this is my first P3 and I am learning soooo much!

Today will be a clean, clean, clean P3 day (read P2 foods with added fats), then tomorrow I am doing the whole chicken day. It's a correction day alternative I read about over on HTA. I will be able to nosh throughout the day on a roasted chicken. With work calming down, waiting to eat until the evening wouldn't work!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

The adventures of P3 :)

Sorry for the lack of posts. I've been swamped at I eat, sleep, and think work 24/7! Not good for the stress level!

P3 is turning out to be quite the adventure, and some detective work. I did great the first week, then went out of town and needed a steak day. The steak day resulted in a loss, but not the big whoosh that most people see. So, I did a protein day-and went UP in lbs!WTH?? So, yesterday was a normal day and I am back to losing. TOM is looming, so I am not sure if that is what is effecting my weight. I am focused, working out, and drinking a lot of water. It is still hard to get used to *needing* fats, but I really enjoy the cream cheese muffins. They are pretty tasty.

My weight is still above LIW by what is NOT allowable, so I am working on getting that down, and figuring out what foods the body does not like ( cheese for me- like the block of cheddar I have in the fridge). My body like the 2 fruits at a minimum daily-so I am aimimg to get back within the allowable range be the end of the weekend.

I am still on plan as far as starting R2P2 on 2/23. Changed goal weight to 140ish. I say "ish" becuase I don't know how my body will like those numbers. I honestly can't remember the last time I was anywhere near that weight- probably just out of high school...which was over 20 years ago! Jeeesh:)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Back from a weekend out of town...which is tough on P3

Hey..back from a long weekend in So Cal..and let me tell ya- it was tough traveling on P3. Yeah...I took P3 snacks with me, but driving 10 hrs makes it tough to get all your water in- unless you are wearing a diaper!! So was tough! BUT...I am happy to report after a steak day my LDW is within site! After another strict day I am sure I will be back where I need to be.

I will be back to P2 in about a week and a half-trying to start it on a Monday-easier if I am distracted at work! Back to working out today...and for some reason my knee has been bothering me. I haven't worked out all weekend, and that may be why. Stayed in a motel on the way home on Sunday night and we were on the 3rd floor. After walking down the stairs then up my knee was sore...ummm, so sore that I need tylenol. Not sending some good healing vibes to the old knee!

Time to ROCK February!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Time for a STEAK DAY :)

Steak days sound negative, but I actually need one because I didn't eat enough!! Who would have thought?? I wasn't feeling too great yesterday- a side affect of my knee injection, so I came home from work early and slept. I did eat, but not enough protein and fats.

Steak day it is. I think it will be easier since I am driving all day. I think it will keep my mind off the lack of food until supper time. Much easier for me then sitting around the house waiting to eat. :)

Hope you all are faring well. 1 week into P3 and doing good. It is really odd how much fat you need. I have been loosley following the ratios that Biz gives out in her bootcamp- I think it's about 60% fat, 20% protein, 10% carbs. I only input my meals on day one in Fitday just to see where the ratios were.

Cheers...happy weekend. Be back Monday!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

P3 is still going great....6 days in now!

Sorry I forgot to update this morning. Wasn't feeling 100%- got my last injection for my knee and I took migraine meds so my head wasn't all there today. Actually came home from work early, took a nap for about 2.5 hrs, and feel a little better :)

P3 is still going good. I am eating a variety of foods and keeping on track. I hesitate to post what I've been eating as I don't think it's fair to anyone (if anyone does read this) who is following VLCD and P2 to have to read about food they can't have right now. I will just say that this is going much better than my first attempt (the attempt which I totally bombed at..and used it as a planned interruption and went back to P2). I have not had the slighest thought about cheating on ANY carbs or starches. I am following protocol as far as P2, but adding fat and larger protein portions, and trying some added veggies.

I will be back on P2 after 3 weeks or so (I may do P3 for an added couple of days so I start back on P2 when I am at work-so it doesn't fall on a weekend.

I have been continuing my workouts-both cardio and weights. I am trying to extend my cardio time, though. I also still take my magnesium, but only 2 tablets a day. With the added fat I have had no issue with BM's. I've also continued drinking about 2 gallons of water-and maybe cut back on tea by a cup or two. Tea was real great for keeping my mind of food and keeping me warm whilst on P2.

My next update probably won't be until early next week. My husband and I are going to So Cal to visit some dear friends of ours-so I will be off line!

Everyone or anyone that reads this..continue kicking butt!! If you are at a plateau, work through it. We all know that those suck!! Try changing it up...add more water, add a different tea, re-read P & I to make sure you aren't missing anything, switch up your protein-maybe try eggs. These are all things I did that really helped. I also experimented cooking with LOTS of spices...and used my ACV dressing on everything!

Cheers everyone!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

P3 is going well!

I'm officially in P3 land- miss P2 and the clean foods, but I am still eating that (larger portions) with the added fats. It is odd how much food you can eat- but all is going well! I have found that cheese really isn't my friend- LOVE, LOVE, LOVE veggies! It's nice to be able to enjoy red meat again! Over my weekend I really missed my hot tea-and for me, that really helps with hunger and helps stabilize my weight.

Back in the game today as far as workouts, though while I was gon I did do a lot of walking. So..P3 is great. Plan on doing the whole 3 weeks, then back to a short round of P2-which will be easy since P2 for me was about 50 days long! I am thinking about adjusting my goal weight...dropping it down. OK..have a rockin' day.Holy crap-it's February already!