Tuesday, February 3, 2009

P3 is going well!

I'm officially in P3 land- miss P2 and the clean foods, but I am still eating that (larger portions) with the added fats. It is odd how much food you can eat- but all is going well! I have found that cheese really isn't my friend- LOVE, LOVE, LOVE veggies! It's nice to be able to enjoy red meat again! Over my weekend I really missed my hot tea-and for me, that really helps with hunger and helps stabilize my weight.

Back in the game today as far as workouts, though while I was gon I did do a lot of walking. So..P3 is great. Plan on doing the whole 3 weeks, then back to a short round of P2-which will be easy since P2 for me was about 50 days long! I am thinking about adjusting my goal weight...dropping it down. OK..have a rockin' day.Holy crap-it's February already!

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