Wednesday, July 15, 2009

WOW...R4 P2 down..waiting to start my final P3!

Sorry it's been so long to post. Life has just been plain busy!

I am just at the end of my 4th round of Phase 2..started at 169.4 and ended (21 days) at 156.6. Not bad, but is was really obvious the last week that my body didn't want to give up any more weight. I have not taken measurements, but by the looks of my boobs, my body fat has dropped.Let me tell ya..the GIRLS are sagging!! BUT..I will take deflated boobs over being overweight!

Work has been hectic..still worked out throughout my P2- and was able to eat more than 500 calories most day..I think due to the fact that I work out daily, and all of my muscles!!

Leaving the for the HTA Vegas Retreat a week from this Friday. I am sooooo excited! I never take any time off in the summer...and being with all of my "virtual" friends will be amazing! YES..plenty of fun and photos!!

Monday, June 8, 2009

New, darker hair!

Treated myself to a hair job today :) I went darker....wore a dark wig for my husband's surprise party and got a lot of compliments, so I decided to go dark!

Off work today..then on tomorrow for overtime, work on Wed, then off until Sunday. I am going out of town for training, then starting my new, temporary promotion job! Exciting!
Hope everyone in HCG land is doing awesome. I am still trucking along in p3/p4. Still somewhat stable. Still deciding if I will do another round. I weigh 161- but get that most folks think I weight between 120- 140. I am lucky..I have a lot of muscle-so I am lean and compact :)

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Maintaining quite well!

Long time no post..but I've been kicking ass!! Today is day 34 on P3..slowly transitioning to P4. I think I've only had to do 2 official correction days. I have been doing the High Fat Expirement with Biz on HTA the entire time. Although I am eating high fat, I am still maintaining my low body abs are toned (hello.... I've got a 4-pack!! WOOO HOOO), and quads are defined!!

I'm toying with the thought of another's just a thought right now. LDW was 161...I look much smaller...about 20 lbs smaller due to all my muscle. I am not sure how my body would like to be into the 150's or even 10's, we'll see.

For now, though, I am content in th 160's. I feel amazing, and still get compliments on the new SKINNY me...yep...people are calling me skinny. I run about 3 days a week and still lift weights!!

I've also become a Mentor over at HTA ( help with Bootcamp, so that's quite an honor. for my morning run. I will try to post more often! Happy Summer....can't believe it's already June!

Edit: HTA is an awesome Forum for all things HCG- tons of recipes for all phases, journals, and help! Come visit!

Also..Natalie- I did workout through all phases. Due to lower energy levels, I did work out in phase 2, just not as hardcore as I am working out now. I did make sure to try to get at least 4-5 days of cardio done, and light weights a week. NOW, in Phase 3/4 I run about 3 times a week and lift weights 3 times a week.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

WOOT...end of R3...feeling awesome!

Ok..started the wait for the 72 hours. I believe that this round was all about reshaping. My husband swears that I lost a lot of pounds...but really, after a "load fest" of crap I started at 174.4 and today I am at 160 (LDW was 161). Last P2 I ended at 164. I am WAY LEAN...body fat is about 19.44%. Most people will see that my weight is 160 and say that I am still fat...but wait a minute... I AM ONE BUFFED GIRL! I guess I am lucky that I have always carried a lot of muscle. I am toned..strong, and hot! I've worked out religiously throughout all of my rounds- cardio and weight. Yes..there were days when I didn't workout, but for me, I need that escape. Check out my photos and see for yourself!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

WOW...long time no post...R3P2...and it's almost over!

Well, I think the last time I posted was back in Phase 3. That was fun (it was R2P3) Did pretty good maintaining with a few correction days then kind of loaded with with a bit of sugar-and TOM. I did much better this P3.

Now..this is R3P2 and I am on VLCD day 17. This time I am doing sublingual rx hcg. I am about 5 lbs from goal..may get close, but the last few days my body has really been holding on- been up, down,up down. Did a modified steak day yesterday (MSD) and lost .8, so getting closer! Biz (AWESOME GIRL!) has been coaching me this last week...I just LOVE her wealth of knowledge. She's got it goin' on that's for sure! I am still aiming for 155 by Sunday.....that is my goal. Currently I am at 160.4. I have noticed over the last week my losses have dropped way off...but it's ok. I feel amazing...and get skinny compliments daily. I promise to post photos when I'm done...:)

Sunday, March 29, 2009

P3 Day 9....learning and doing well!, sorry I haven't posted any progress info. Been enjoying P3 and the different foods that go along with it. Had to do one correction day- figured by body didn't like the zucchini I ate! Did an egg/nut correction day which was NOT punishment at all. Every other hour I would have 1 oz of nuts, and the hour in between would be a hard boiled egg! Lost 1.8 from that-and it was fun!

Today I am .2 above LDW...only because friends were in town and we had a get together. I chose to have a few drinks (wow, I am a lightweight now!), but they weren't all bad- vodka and green tea! No soda-and no cheat foods which is a HUGE step in the right direction. I am going out of town for a week, so I had a whole chicken already today's correction day is a Chicken day!! Oh..and plenty of water:)

Sunday, March 22, 2009

I'm into P3!!!!!

Hey all-today was Day 2 of P3 and all is going well. Some minor gain on the scale (+.4) but I am not worried. I am in Biz's Bootcamp over on HTA and that is nice!! Lots of feedback and info abound! I am working at tweaking calories to see what works and what doesn't. Yesterday was tough...I felt like all I did was eat! Today has been better- and I'm managing to keep my water intake up :)

I'm already preparing myself mentally for my next P2 round. My LDW was 164- and by the comments I am receiving it sounds like people think I am skinny!! WTH?? It's been at least since High School when anyone has called me skinny! I would like to see if I can get down to 145 in my next round. That is pretty low for me- muscle girl and I'm 5'7". Time will tell!