Sunday, April 26, 2009

WOOT...end of R3...feeling awesome!

Ok..started the wait for the 72 hours. I believe that this round was all about reshaping. My husband swears that I lost a lot of pounds...but really, after a "load fest" of crap I started at 174.4 and today I am at 160 (LDW was 161). Last P2 I ended at 164. I am WAY LEAN...body fat is about 19.44%. Most people will see that my weight is 160 and say that I am still fat...but wait a minute... I AM ONE BUFFED GIRL! I guess I am lucky that I have always carried a lot of muscle. I am toned..strong, and hot! I've worked out religiously throughout all of my rounds- cardio and weight. Yes..there were days when I didn't workout, but for me, I need that escape. Check out my photos and see for yourself!


  1. Hey! I could have sworn I commented on your photos but I don't see my post so...

    You look amazing! Absolutely sphelt girl!

  2. I'm envious of your befores and afters. You have made amazing changes in your body's composition. I'm at 163 today, down from 170.6 and heading to 140. Best of luck! Where do I find more info about your correction day of nuts and eggs? I've heard about the steak day, the apple day...but not the nuts/eggs day!