Wednesday, December 31, 2008

WOO HOO-clothing update! :)

Well, I was in my closet trying on clothes for tonight...and I've had this pair of elusive Baby Phat jeans that I bought over a year ago that I have NOT been able to fit into. When you hold them up, they look like they are designed to fit a teenager, or one of the girls (lucky BITCHES!!) who are shaped like know the ones, no muffin top, big boobs, arms like sticks!!

WELL>>>> those jeans fit me!!!!! Before, I couldn't even get a leg in them!!!!!! I am soooo excited! The hardwork, a bit of hunger, VLCD following has paid off. Those were my goal jeans for when I was finished with my HCG journey! Guess I will have to find some new skinny jeans...which doesn't hurt my feelings a bit!!!!!

Getting back down :)'s New Years Eve Day...weight is back down to 174.8- hoping to show big numbers tomorrow..for a strong start to 2009!

I did great yesterday- lots of water, no hunger-bit I did an orange again and not sure if my body is liking that. Time to switch it up (did an orange for my fruit -I normally do just one fruit-for the last 4 days! wooopsie). Also..I have NEVER done the melba or grissini. I know how my body is with I decided to not even go there!

I also uped my magnesium dosage-doing 1000 mg now. Did have a few very small BM's yesterday...better than nothing I suppose.

I will get in another walk today...and get my ab workout in that I didn't do yesterday, and maybe do an all over weight workout. Nothing too heavy or strenuous-but definitely don't want to lose all the muscle I've built up over the summer.

I am sooooo looking forward to getting into the 160's-still shooting for that goal by next weigh in which is Sunday. I have an event that I am going to on January 31st and I want to be smokin' HOT by new SMALLER jeans! My husband is quite a looker and I think that people look at him and wonder what the hell he is doing with me (I think I'm cute...but the pounds don't help!). THAT WILL CHANGE! :) to start the day.

Oh..yesterday I decided to eat not quite 500 calories...I ate around 400. I thought that would be a good thing. Apparently it didn't work...dropped .6 back to my normal eating of 460- 500 calories.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A little speed bump.....

Hey all, can't remember if I posted I finally got the HCG from I started tranisitioning yesterday between the homeopathic and real HCG. It was a rough day..because I went into town (1 hour away through the mountains) and forgot my Candida G. Well...that stuff really does help with the cravings. I didn't have it for bfast or lunch. By the time I took it for supper it was getting unbearable. I caved and had a few Xmas cookies I had put up in the freezer. BAD ME!

Today showed a 1.4 lb gain, but part of that could also be the magnesium I took yesterday. I need to up my dosage, as the BM (sorry, TMI about to happen) was as substantial as it should've been given my schedule). So, today will be 1000 mg of magnesium. Also, I am going for a nice long walk today, and got plenty on my schedule to keep my mind off food! Today will be a little bit lower calorie day for me as well...just to jump start the losses. I have a mini goal of 167 by Saturday, so I am going to really have to push it!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

WOO HOOO-VLCD Day 21 update

Well, hope everyone had an awesome Christmas. I just got back from my Mom's and I stayed 110% on course!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today is VLCD day 21- weight is down to 174. I am mini goal was to be at 175. WOO HOOO! I also loss another 4.75 inches from last week.

Yep..I am on fire. I feel a little weak today..not sure what's up with that. Don't think I got enough protein in yesterday...need to make sure I get that under control. Also, my real HCG came in while I was gone...Pregnyl! I am going to mix it and start tomorrow a.m. with HCG injections. I do have almost a full bottle of homepathic left (that is what I've been using), so I will hang onto that should I need a boost until the real HCG get's into my system.

I've not been at this weight forever...and I am so excited. I feel small jeans are getting too big. I can't wait to show everyone at work!! :) Been off since 12/19-they are probably gonna think my husband locked me in the closet to keep me from eating :)

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

VLCD Day 14 update

Cruising along at day 14. Hunger finally subsided by day 8 (thank God!!). Been drinking lots of teas and water, and usually getting in a workout. Not working out as hard as before protocol-normally walking or elliptical and weights.

VLCD Day 14 weight- 180!!!!!!!!!!

Neck- 12.25 (-.25)
Bust- 36 (same)
Waist-28.75 (-.50)
Hips- 38.5 (-.25)
Biceps- 13 (-.25 each)
Forearm- 9 (same)
Thigh- 22 (-.50 each)
Calf- 13 (same)

VLCD Day 7 update

All is well, but have been feeling hungry (forgot to state that since my HCG hasn't come in and I was excited to start I am using Homeopathic HCG, purchased from I am taking Candida G to help with the sugar and carb cravings...since I am definitley a little carb whore :)

Here it goes:
VLCD Day 7- weight 185!!!!!!!!


Neck- 12.5 (- .50)

Bust- 36 (- 1.0)

Waist- 29.25 (-1.25)

Hips- 38.75 (-1.25)

Biceps -13.25 (-.25 each)

Forearm -9 (-.25 each)

Thighs- 22.5 (-.50 each)

Calf 13 (-.50 each)

Pretty good for 1 week!

The Beginning.......

Hey all...I started my HCG journey on 12/6- my load days were in Las Vegas (pretty cool I might add!), so that made loading kind of easy, but difficult. Traveling with the bloat and a full belly was not fun!

Here are my stats:

Pre load weight was 196
After eating shit....aka VLCD Day 1- weight 200.4 (Oh yeah..I know how to do it right:) )

Before Measurements:
Neck- 13
Bust- 37
Waist- 30.5
Hips- 40
Biceps- 13.5
Forearm- 9.5
Thigh - 23
Calf- 13.5