Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A little speed bump.....

Hey all, can't remember if I posted I finally got the HCG from Xroids.com. I started tranisitioning yesterday between the homeopathic and real HCG. It was a rough day..because I went into town (1 hour away through the mountains) and forgot my Candida G. Well...that stuff really does help with the cravings. I didn't have it for bfast or lunch. By the time I took it for supper it was getting unbearable. I caved and had a few Xmas cookies I had put up in the freezer. BAD ME!

Today showed a 1.4 lb gain, but part of that could also be the magnesium I took yesterday. I need to up my dosage, as the BM (sorry, TMI about to happen) was as substantial as it should've been given my schedule). So, today will be 1000 mg of magnesium. Also, I am going for a nice long walk today, and got plenty on my schedule to keep my mind off food! Today will be a little bit lower calorie day for me as well...just to jump start the losses. I have a mini goal of 167 by Saturday, so I am going to really have to push it!

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