Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Getting back down :)'s New Years Eve Day...weight is back down to 174.8- hoping to show big numbers tomorrow..for a strong start to 2009!

I did great yesterday- lots of water, no hunger-bit I did an orange again and not sure if my body is liking that. Time to switch it up (did an orange for my fruit -I normally do just one fruit-for the last 4 days! wooopsie). Also..I have NEVER done the melba or grissini. I know how my body is with I decided to not even go there!

I also uped my magnesium dosage-doing 1000 mg now. Did have a few very small BM's yesterday...better than nothing I suppose.

I will get in another walk today...and get my ab workout in that I didn't do yesterday, and maybe do an all over weight workout. Nothing too heavy or strenuous-but definitely don't want to lose all the muscle I've built up over the summer.

I am sooooo looking forward to getting into the 160's-still shooting for that goal by next weigh in which is Sunday. I have an event that I am going to on January 31st and I want to be smokin' HOT by new SMALLER jeans! My husband is quite a looker and I think that people look at him and wonder what the hell he is doing with me (I think I'm cute...but the pounds don't help!). THAT WILL CHANGE! :) to start the day.

Oh..yesterday I decided to eat not quite 500 calories...I ate around 400. I thought that would be a good thing. Apparently it didn't work...dropped .6 back to my normal eating of 460- 500 calories.

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