Sunday, April 26, 2009

WOOT...end of R3...feeling awesome!

Ok..started the wait for the 72 hours. I believe that this round was all about reshaping. My husband swears that I lost a lot of pounds...but really, after a "load fest" of crap I started at 174.4 and today I am at 160 (LDW was 161). Last P2 I ended at 164. I am WAY LEAN...body fat is about 19.44%. Most people will see that my weight is 160 and say that I am still fat...but wait a minute... I AM ONE BUFFED GIRL! I guess I am lucky that I have always carried a lot of muscle. I am toned..strong, and hot! I've worked out religiously throughout all of my rounds- cardio and weight. Yes..there were days when I didn't workout, but for me, I need that escape. Check out my photos and see for yourself!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

WOW...long time no post...R3P2...and it's almost over!

Well, I think the last time I posted was back in Phase 3. That was fun (it was R2P3) Did pretty good maintaining with a few correction days then kind of loaded with with a bit of sugar-and TOM. I did much better this P3.

Now..this is R3P2 and I am on VLCD day 17. This time I am doing sublingual rx hcg. I am about 5 lbs from goal..may get close, but the last few days my body has really been holding on- been up, down,up down. Did a modified steak day yesterday (MSD) and lost .8, so getting closer! Biz (AWESOME GIRL!) has been coaching me this last week...I just LOVE her wealth of knowledge. She's got it goin' on that's for sure! I am still aiming for 155 by Sunday.....that is my goal. Currently I am at 160.4. I have noticed over the last week my losses have dropped way off...but it's ok. I feel amazing...and get skinny compliments daily. I promise to post photos when I'm done...:)