Wednesday, December 31, 2008

WOO HOO-clothing update! :)

Well, I was in my closet trying on clothes for tonight...and I've had this pair of elusive Baby Phat jeans that I bought over a year ago that I have NOT been able to fit into. When you hold them up, they look like they are designed to fit a teenager, or one of the girls (lucky BITCHES!!) who are shaped like know the ones, no muffin top, big boobs, arms like sticks!!

WELL>>>> those jeans fit me!!!!! Before, I couldn't even get a leg in them!!!!!! I am soooo excited! The hardwork, a bit of hunger, VLCD following has paid off. Those were my goal jeans for when I was finished with my HCG journey! Guess I will have to find some new skinny jeans...which doesn't hurt my feelings a bit!!!!!

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