Thursday, January 1, 2009

HAPPY NEW YEAR......scale is moving down slowly

Happy 2009. I had hoped to start the New Year in the 173's, but my body is holding on tight, dammit!! I think the oopsie on day 21 might have fowled me up for a few days. I am still going strong, though. I am not perfect...and the oopsie was a bit of a mental break. I should've been stronger, but it's over and I am kicking ass!!

Scale today is at 174.6-really, really hoping to see 173's tomorrow. I got busy yesterday and didn't get my workout in. I will get it done today. Did have a successful BM, so looks like the 1000 mg of magnesium is a good dose for me.

I did awesome last night at the party I went to. Drank about 3 liters, maybe 4 of water, a cup of hot tea, and had one boiled shrimp. Man, if I was loading, all of the food that was there would have been in my mouth! No alcohol for me either! Had a great time with my awesome group of friends.

Once again ,will be changing up the menu, getting a bit of chicken back in my belly. Going to BBQ some chicken breasts today. My husband thinks I am whacky for grilling on the BBQ when there is snow on the ground, but I LOVE BBQ!! to make it another strong day! Oh...and those jeans I wore last night..I totally ROCKED them!! Got lots of nice compliments from my friends so that felt amazing :)

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