Saturday, January 31, 2009

Phase 3 baby! 72 hour wait wasn't supposed to be up until 1700 tonight, but last night I was hungry!!! It was hungry like nothing else..chugging water wouldn't even fix it-so I figured it was time. I added to my meals yesterday by adding an additional small apple, several more ounces of chicken, then about 10 macadamia nuts and a tiny bit of coconut oil. Of course...soon after eating the nuts my tummy was odd-but I feel good!

Yesterday's weight was 164.2
Today- 164.4

Over on one of the forums I belong to there was a brief dicussion about how long to do VLCD for after your last dose or injection. The debate was whether for hhcg it was 48 or 72 hours. As we are all different, I guess the wait time may be different too. I was fully commited to going the 72 hours...but the hunger told me something else. IT WAS REAL! So, my waitwas 48! I did feel strange eating the nuts-not ever had one of those without chocolate on it...but they were yummy! Guess my body needed that fat. I have read some discussion about folks on P2 adding a few macadamias in to switch things up...get a little fat in their diets.

So...I'm officially in P3 and plan to go 3 weeks-get weight stabilized, then do a short round of P2. Looking at changing my goal (originally it was 155)-but since I am close, this will be the last P2 ever!! Still going to be working out like normal-just the P3 diet.

Alright guys..I am headed out of town for Super Bowl weekend-be back with an update on Monday. Taking some meals with me, and my trusty scale! Enjoy your weekend! :)

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  1. Hey! i'm here in P3 with you! And lovin' it too i might add! mmmm... real food! ; )

    So what type of foods are you eating here in P3? I am for the most part just the low carb thing. But truthfuly I'm running out of ideas/options for foods especially that aren't super high in fats. So let me know if you've found anything that is P3 friendly. I really need to try and come up with a plan/menu for the week so I don't just rome the pantry! ; ) Lemme know what you're eatin'!