Friday, January 30, 2009

Ok-Last dose was 1/28!! Headed to P3

Hey...decided with the gains and the dreams about food that it was time for a break. Last dose was 1/28 with LDW at 166 even. Finished VLCD 1 (part of the 72 hrs) and was all good. 72 hr wait is up 1/31 at 1700, so supper will be P3. I am armed with a lot of info of what NOT to do! I can't wait to continue with the awesome veggies, and some more fat! I will be out of town all I hope to be good- taking veggies, hard boiled eggs, and chicken with me!! I AM STRONG.

Here are my R1P2 stats

Pre load wt-196
VLCD day 1- 200.4
LDW- 166 even (holy shit....that's some pounds lost!!)
Inches Lost- 27.25
Starting body fat- 30.42%
Ending Body fat- 20.87%

My goal was 155- I made it close. I am figuring on going on the 3 week P3, then coming back to one last P2. I think I may adjust my goal..thinking about 140 (I am 5'7").

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  1. You did AMAZING! 34 pounds is a HUGE DEAL! Well done and congrats!