Saturday, January 10, 2009

The 160's are within site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Saturday-no work for me today! YIPPEEEEEEEE!

Weight went down..again! I'm at 170.6- tomorrow my goal is to get into the 160's-and I will also be taking some measurements. Yesterday was all fish day, today will be the same (between grilled shrimp and tilapia). I love fish...could eat it 24 hrs a day. I must have lived on the ocean in a previous life!!

Still no progress in the BM department. Increased my magnesium to 4 tablets yesterday...I'm hoping things begin to move today. Funny thing is , even though there's been no "progress", I'm still losing pounds! Very cool:)
**Edit- there has been progress in the BM department! Yippee! Also, if anyone out there is taking magnesium, I've found that sometimes I have to adjust my dosage on a daily basis, given my "productivity" in the bathroom!

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