Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Crap..forgot to post this morning....LOSERVILLE!!

Hey...must have still been trying to wake up..sorry. I am back to loserville!! My weight is down to 165.2-and wow does it feel wierd saying that. It seems like yesterday I was happy and posting about 195!!!!!!!! I lost 1.4 pounds..which is awesome this far in. Whatever I am doing it is working!! I added cinnamon back into my teas (ummm, maybe it was that!)-and I eat a bit more that 3.5 oz of protein at supper- probably closer to 4 oz. Ever since my planned interruption I have been eating my 2 servings of fruit (normall a small orange and a small apple daily). I am losing better now than the last week or so-that interruption of 3 days with added fats helped!!!

Regardless...I FINALLY WEIGH WHAT MY DRIVERS LICENSE SAID! And..soon I will not know what to do- because for the first time ever will I weigh less than what it says!! VEry cool!

I am about 10 pounds within my goal..it's in sight and I am pushing hard!Tried a run/walk interval on the treadmill today (along with a weight workout afterwards) and that probably wasn't a good idea. When I was running the bad knee started hurting. I go for another shot tomorrow.

OK...time to drink some more water, tea, then hit the sack!!!!! OH..not sure if I've posted about this, but early on I was having a serious lack of BM's. WEll, someone suggested I start taking magnesium. I started-works like a charm, and helps me sleep the whole night (minus the time I get up to pee in the middle of the night!).

Alrighty...can't wait to see the scale tomorrow!!!!!!!!!! Cheers~ Dee

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