Wednesday, January 7, 2009

VLCD day 31 update

Weight today 172.2-kind of been bouncing around and not sure why. Trying to figure it out is fun?? Well, not really. It is perplexing. I switched back to homepathic on VLCD day 29-so that may have something to do with the jumping around part. Meals have been 100% on track with no deviations. I read over on the Yahoo HCG group about coconut oil a while ago, and did some reading. I added 1/2 T into my coffee today and we will see what that does (and did count for it in my daily calories). Nothing to lose-right?? It does taste with a hint of coconut (which I love!).

I believe that I am still losing inches. Jeans that I wear to work that fit me about 30 days ago are falling off me. I wore them yesterday and realized they fit like loose pj's. Been working out consistently...which is normal for me-just not as hardcore as before the protocol. I feel good..other than this crud I am trying to get! :) I will try to update tomorrow with progress and the coconut oil :)

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