Thursday, January 22, 2009

I'm still dropping :)

Another day of a loss...down another 1.8 lbs! Had my 2 servings of fruit yesterday- and changed up my proteins. Instead of meat, I did egg (3 egg whites and 1 yolk scrambled with some chili powder) and added it to my broth. It was like that Chinese egg drop soup- and a very nice change! Also, every night as I lay down for bed, I visualize what I want my "final product" (my dream body!) to look like. I work from head to toe remiding myself what my goal measurements are. It's a great (positive) way to drift off :)

Photos will be coming this weekend-which I am excited for! How sick is that?? to ROCK another day! Oh...and I've been mentally preparing myself for when I do re-enter p3. I will not fail this time! I am arming myself with info, reminding myself that it's just P2 on steroids so to speak. Still same clean foods, just add fat and more protein. I think what got me last time was drooling over all of the p3 recipes. I was excited to try them all..forgetting that I need to test food to see how I react first. Have an awesome day all :) ~ Dee

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