Thursday, January 15, 2009

VLCD day 39....weight loss has slowed a bit!

Hello- weight today is 169.2. It was the same yesterday-and I had hoped to hit the 168's by today. Looking back, since last Sunday (VLCD day 35) I've lost weight every other day. Last week I think my body was trying to get back on track with the homeopathic. Phase 3 might be near for me! I had hoped to go until 1/23-and have that as my last dose day. We'll see-it can't hurt. I feel good- more people are noticing-clothes are too big and I am looking forward to eating a bit differently. I LOVE clean belly bloat, that feeling tha goes with it- but it may be time for a change. TOM is supposed to appear next week-but last time it didn't mess with my weight at all :)

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