Monday, January 19, 2009

Tried p3...going back to P2!!

Well...I had hit 40 days on hhcg, and my weight was coming off real slow. I decided to hit P3-but way, way overindulged on all the food choices. SO...back to P3. It's embarassing...but it's best for me!

My weight slow down last week was explained by TOM arriving 1 week early! That toyed with my cravings-so that, with the timing of going to p3 was a disaster!

I don't feel comfortable posting my weight...but today I am back at P2 and totally excited to have that structure back! I love the clean, clean, clean foods of P2!! I did cook a bunch of p3 foods but my husband will get to devour those...which is fine by me! Today I will start my homeopathic doses again. I do have a function to attend in a few weeks, but if I am still on P2 I will work with it. :)

On a positive note..even though the transition for me to P3 was a failure....I did need new jeans...and now wear a size 10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was wearing 14's or 16's before protocol. Yep...had to donate about 10 pairs of jeans !!

So---to anyone out there who is having a hard time. Stay focused-and know when you need to adjust! I'm so ready to get to my goal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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