Wednesday, January 28, 2009

VLCD day 49-what...another gain??

Hey all..well the scale is being an ass right now!! Yesterday's weight was 165.2, today I am +.8 to 166 even. No worries..just trying to do my detective work to figure out why. Here may be why:

1) Made chicken and cheese quesadillas for the husband. Got some cheese and grease on my hands but washed immediately! I was sooooo paranoid! And no..I HAD NONE! I had a huge green salad and tilapia thank you!

2)Woke up with an achy (muscles)lower body. I did a run/walk workout on the tready- maybe my muscles are retaining some water?

3)The last week+ before my interruption, my weight was flucuating like this (however I am seeing bigger losses this time). I took that as a sign that I needed to hit P3. Is this that sign?

4) Aliens came down and tinkered with my scale because they saw how freakin' happy I was yesterday to finally be at my drivers license weight!

5) Warning...TMI- got lucky last night. I guess I am paranoid..but I always wonder if that effects my weigh in!! Heeeee heeee

Ok-now that my detective work is out there (you all are probably thinking I am crazy now!)-I am hoping to pull a decent loss tomorrow. The number in my mind is 163- but that is 3 p0unds so we will see! Today I will do some good stretching, lighter cardio, and abs followed by lots, and lots of water. Today is also my 2nd of 3 injections in my knee. Last week the injection didn't seem to affect my let's hope that holds true.

At any rate-I am planning on transitioning to P3 next week. I am excited..because I know to ease into it!! I've got a plan!! :) At this point I am not sure if I am going to do the full 3 weeks-it would probably be good for me-then one more 21 day round of P2 and I should be at goal!! (Goal may change...still pondering that).

Ok-got to get ready for work. Happy last Wednesday of January-can you believe it?

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