Friday, January 2, 2009

Down a little- 174.2- I'm soooo freakin' close!

I am trying to not get frustrated...but I am disappointed in myself for my slip up on Monday. It has affected my weight all week! Today I am down to 174.2-here is the progress

VLCD day 21-174 (lowest weight I can remember since 1994!)
day 22- 174.2 (?not sure about weight gain- first day of injected HCG/transition from homeopathic)
day 23-175.4-oopsie-had 4 cookies nigh before this weigh in!
day 24-174.8
day 25-174.6
day 26-174.2 (TODAY)

My original goal was 167 by day 28, which is Sunday. Since I am experiencing SLOW drops, my new goal is to get into the 160's by Sunday. I will push towards that.

Already got part of my workout in today...weights- chest and biceps :)

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