Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Doing GREAT...and losing some weight!

WOO HOOO..today and yesterday have been great. Back on P2-from a scheduled break. Today is day 2 back on VLCD P2-and if I keep counting from where I left off, today would be VLCD day 41. I did drop 1.6 pounds, so that felt great! And...I feel so much better. Mind, body and soul feel so much better than they did when I was stuffing that bad crap in my face this weekend.

I've been told that I was hard on myself...maybe I was-because I try to hold myself to high standards. But...i am the first one to "let me have it" when I F* up. Well...I let myself have it, and jumped back up, dusted myself off, and feel AMAZING!! So-if any of you are facing a tough time...stay focused. I think that maybe my mind needed a bit of a break...but my body took over and I got out of control. It's done..I'm on track...and continue to move forward.

I am not sure how long I will stay on the remainder of P2. I know that because I took the break..I should be able to go for 23 more days. I've got some goals set...I will share them soon :)

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