Thursday, January 15, 2009

VLCD day 39...and I am starving!!

I have to keep my fingers occupied. I am sipping a cup of hot broth, and I am scared to death because if anyone put any food in front of me, whether it be grilled fish or a cake..I would eat it!! I'm not sure what is going on with me today! I've been really cold, and starving hungry!! Since I've begun the protocol this is the hungriest I've been. I am thinking that maybe it is time to go to P3. Tomorrow's weigh in will dictate that. I was hoping to be at least at 165 before I go to P3, but my body may not allow it. It's all good- there is a reason for everything. I've lost a lot of weight...from pre load 26.8 lbs from VLCD day 1- I've lost 31.2- and overall, as of last Sunday, 20.25 inches....and I get compliments daily! It sure makes it worth it!

Ok..just thought I'd update. I'm still taking my Candida G- so that is not it. I am supposed to get my period in about a week, so it could very well be PMS, but these are some BAD cravings I tell ya. Supper will be in a few- grilled fish and coleslaw with acv dressing :) Lord help me be strong and not cave!

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