Friday, January 16, 2009

Decided to go to Phase 3

Weight today is 168.8- finally down! But..after all the hunger yesterday, and being on VLCD 39 yesterday, I have decided that yesterday was LIW or LDW (last dose weight). I was hungry enough to "cheat" yesterday- which means I added a fruit with my supper, and extra protein (about 2 more ounces)-and I still lost. My body and mind need a break. This all my change, but I am planning on doing about 3 weeks at P3, then going back onto P2 on Feb.10th- which works for my schedule and trips out of town. I am looking forward to trying different foods and recipes. This weekend I will take photos-a comparison that I am really interested in seeing!

OH..and I just did measurements and this week-although it was short, I am down another 2.75 inches overall- so granted the weight loss was SLOW, I still lost inches. Also, as soon as I am into P3 I will switch from the Candida G (which is P2 friendly) to Ferm Plus in hopes to keep those cravings for the crap (read sugar and carbs...definitely my enemies!!) to a minimum and keep that good micro floura (I'm pretty sure that's what it does) going :)

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