Sunday, January 25, 2009

VLCD day 46...more losses!

WOO HOOO-another 1.2 pounds loss. Total loss of inches for this past week is 3.5-so a great week! I had some Emu last night that I added way to much salt to, so I was worried I would show no loss today...but I flushed my body with so much water after supper that I got up 3 times in the middle of the night to pee!

Here are the photos as promised. I finally have collar bones!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also..the before photos were taken 1 month before I started HCG-my weight was about 189-192. My husband and I went to Mexico to an all-inclusvie after we got back...I can only imagine how much I weighed (read.....all you can drink margaritas and all you can eat FRESH quacamole!)


  1. Looking good! The bikini definitely looks better in the "after" photos. I can't wait until a bikini is a viable option for me too!
    PS - mmmm, fresh guacamole *drools*

  2. Hi, you look amazing and your daily posts are have great daily losses. I'm on HCG sublingual and was wondering about your mixture recipe? can you share? also, you've had success with Candida G..what brand do you use.
    Thanks and I will keep checking in your blog as it's my motivation too!