Sunday, January 4, 2009

VLCD day 28 update

WOO HOOO..FINALLY dropped some pounds! Here are my stats:

VLCD day 21- wt 174

Today, VLCD day 28- wt 172.4

Lost 2 inches in a week. So, it's obvious that the losses have slowed way down. I posted a ? on another board I visit about my oopsie my weight loss being real slow, and the question was thrown back to me ,"why didn't you just stay on homeopathic since it was obviously working so great?" Well, that is a good question. In hindsight, I should have stayed on it. I will never know if I will have had the same slow down. Today I am skipping and injection (to prevent immunity from setting in). Tomorrow I will resume shots. It does hang in the back of my mind about switching BACK to homeopathic. We will see.

Time for me to set new goals..I obviously didn't hit my goal of 167 by today. I think my body is trying to catch up with all the pounds and inches I've lost. One of my dear (and very thin and small framed friend) was asking me about my weight. She asked me how much I weigh now, and , bless her heart, guessed 150. I told her I loved her..and no, it was 174ish (this was last night before my whoosh drop!). She didn't believe that made me feel good. :)

Off to ROCK the day!

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  1. Just wanted to let you know I am following your blog here..... I too am on the homeopathic, with the real stuff ordered. However, I wasn't going to take shots, just do it sublingually. However.. I still do not have the real stuff in yet, so I may stick with the hHCG until I finish this round....

    Your losses are doing GREAT!!! I can't wait til I am in the 170's... I'll see you on the LCF board!