Friday, January 23, 2009

VLCD day 44...and holy sh*t...kickin a**!!

WOOO Hooo-after that planned interruption- I am down to my lowest weight since doing Hhcg- 168.6!!!!! Somehow I lost another 3.2 lbs- crazy I tell you!! The only thing I did different yesterday was had 2 cups of coffee with stevia at about 7 pm. I was bowling (league) and was freezing. I am definitely NOT complaining ,though!! My goal was to be at 169.2 by next Friday..LOVE it- time for new goals!! I am having an injection done for my knee. Yeah..wondering if this will affect my weight. You see- I've got a REAL BAD knee that I had surgery on back in 2001. Well...after summer it was really bothering me- got an MRI and got bad results. NO CARTILAGE left in my knee!! WHAT...doc didn't believe it...he had to ask how old I was ....again! So...instead of doing knee replacement surgery- I decided to lose weight (kicking ass in that department) and I am getting an injection of Synvisc- which will put some lube back in my knee so that I don't have bone on bone grinding. The doc won't do knee replacement on me until I change careers- but my career is a whole other topic.

OK people- use me as an example. KEEP ON TRACK..and kick ass!! I am within 13.6 lbs of my goal. The decision is now how long to continue??

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