Sunday, March 22, 2009

I'm into P3!!!!!

Hey all-today was Day 2 of P3 and all is going well. Some minor gain on the scale (+.4) but I am not worried. I am in Biz's Bootcamp over on HTA and that is nice!! Lots of feedback and info abound! I am working at tweaking calories to see what works and what doesn't. Yesterday was tough...I felt like all I did was eat! Today has been better- and I'm managing to keep my water intake up :)

I'm already preparing myself mentally for my next P2 round. My LDW was 164- and by the comments I am receiving it sounds like people think I am skinny!! WTH?? It's been at least since High School when anyone has called me skinny! I would like to see if I can get down to 145 in my next round. That is pretty low for me- muscle girl and I'm 5'7". Time will tell!


  1. ConGRATS on making it into the "athletic" realm!! You ROCK! Have fun in bootcamp - Biz is the P3 Queen!

  2. Biz is a godsend on P3. You found the right place to be!

    I'm a muscle girl too and I got the "skinny" comments at around 160. It sounds weird when you still have weight you want to lose, but it FEELS so GOOD!