Thursday, March 19, 2009

Update time...sorry...been meaning to visit:)

Well-things were going good, then I decided to make a sf choco treat with unsweetened coco and Davinci SF syrup (made with Splenda). I had only 2 T of the morning I was UP BY 1.2 lbs!! This was the first time I've had Splenda since starting protocol...and I will NEVER again have it. I was so pissed....the scale looked like I cheated but I didn't. I know it wasn't the coco because I made the same 2T mix the night before but with truvia (which, by the way...I LOVE!).

I guess everyone is different when it comes to what foods effect them. I know some that can stomach the Splenda...but not me.

After that I lost .6 one day (yesterday), then today I was dead I decided that last night's dose was the last! I'm on hhcg, so my wait is 48 hrs.-it's been 24 today, tomorrow night is 48. For some reason, today I was starving! I tried it all....4 liters of water, iced tea, hot tea! I thought I was going crazy. I think some of this may be tied to my wacky TOM...this month is was about 2 weeks early. Last month it was almost 2 weeks late, and the month before that it was 2 weeks early! Guess I am on the early/late rotation.

So..first day of this P3 will be Saturday 3/21. This round I went 25 days with doses. I had issues the entire round..starting from the beginning. I ate some things I shouldn't have and literally gained 12.8 pounds in 2 days. YEP..can't do processed anymore! This P2 may seem like a flop to some. Not to me..I made the best out of it and got to know my body better. P3 will be done in Biz's Boot camp so she can keep me in line (over on HTA). I plan on doing rx hcg next P2 which should start around the 8th or 9th of April :)

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