Sunday, March 15, 2009

That Damn Whoosh Fairy was a bit too generous yesterday!

Happy Sunday- today is VLCD day 21, R2P2 for me-doing homeopathic. Yesterday, if you follow along, I had a super drop. Well, I think the whoosh fairy was too generous as I gained .4. I am not body probably said...WTF???!! I was only planning to go 21 days of doses, but this close to my goal (which is 155 for now) I am going to continue on. This round hasn't been as smooth sailing as R1..but it has all been a learning experience.

I did take measurements, and my inches lost is as slow as my pounds lost. I think it's because I am so close to goal, and fairly low body fat. I've only lost .5 of my waist and .25 of each calf (yeah..I know, it's wierd!), body fat is at an all time low of............................................................ 20.19%- yep..I'm just a hair out of the athletic range (that is 14%- 20%). So that being's all good. I know I am losing inches in places I don't the space between my waist and hips...right around my hips bones. :) I have no other choice to keep on aiming for my goal!! My overall goal is to get down into the 140's, if my body will let me. to do chores!

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  1. Hey - just think how much hotter you're looking in a pair of heels now... ;D I think yesterday was a big whoosh-day for a lot of ppl (wonder why? Some kind of cosmic event, prolly) because I counted at least four people calling big losses. ~*~