Saturday, March 7, 2009

VLCD day 13 R2P2

The scale is going down! Since I was able to break my stall I am starting a pattern of one day is a big drop (a pound or more) and the next day is smaller...- .6. That's what it was today... -.6. I will take it! I've actually used this 2 weeks to get back where I should've started! Yep..I gained a bunch loading for this round. My body just does not tolerate the processed crap!! It's good to find out in between rounds instead of when I am trying to maintain- at least I think so!

I'm still aiming for the 140's- who knows if my body will like that number! I'm still working out-nothing overly strenuous, but moving! I carry a lot of muscle, and I'd like to keep what I have-it's good for me! Looking, looking, looking to get into the 150's by VLCD 21 which is a week from tomorrow! I will do this! Measurements and new photos tomorrow- curious to see where I am at! ~ Cheers

LCF= Low Carb Friends...a good forum with lots of info http://


  1. Yes! Sometimes our body just needs a lil breather from all that LOSING, and then down we go again. I'm excited for numbers and pictures! It's so great so actually SEE the results of our hard work!

    What is LCF?

  2. Hi, I see you are doing great. But be really careful of those smoothies. It makes a difference if you eat an orange or strawberries, or juice it and drink it. The latter will take the sugar content much faster in your bloodstream and spike insulin and other reactions, which may cause a stall. If you do this and lose weight, ok, although you might do better if you tried it without.

    Keep up the good work ;-).