Thursday, February 5, 2009

P3 is still going great....6 days in now!

Sorry I forgot to update this morning. Wasn't feeling 100%- got my last injection for my knee and I took migraine meds so my head wasn't all there today. Actually came home from work early, took a nap for about 2.5 hrs, and feel a little better :)

P3 is still going good. I am eating a variety of foods and keeping on track. I hesitate to post what I've been eating as I don't think it's fair to anyone (if anyone does read this) who is following VLCD and P2 to have to read about food they can't have right now. I will just say that this is going much better than my first attempt (the attempt which I totally bombed at..and used it as a planned interruption and went back to P2). I have not had the slighest thought about cheating on ANY carbs or starches. I am following protocol as far as P2, but adding fat and larger protein portions, and trying some added veggies.

I will be back on P2 after 3 weeks or so (I may do P3 for an added couple of days so I start back on P2 when I am at work-so it doesn't fall on a weekend.

I have been continuing my workouts-both cardio and weights. I am trying to extend my cardio time, though. I also still take my magnesium, but only 2 tablets a day. With the added fat I have had no issue with BM's. I've also continued drinking about 2 gallons of water-and maybe cut back on tea by a cup or two. Tea was real great for keeping my mind of food and keeping me warm whilst on P2.

My next update probably won't be until early next week. My husband and I are going to So Cal to visit some dear friends of ours-so I will be off line!

Everyone or anyone that reads this..continue kicking butt!! If you are at a plateau, work through it. We all know that those suck!! Try changing it up...add more water, add a different tea, re-read P & I to make sure you aren't missing anything, switch up your protein-maybe try eggs. These are all things I did that really helped. I also experimented cooking with LOTS of spices...and used my ACV dressing on everything!

Cheers everyone!

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