Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Back from a weekend out of town...which is tough on P3

Hey..back from a long weekend in So Cal..and let me tell ya- it was tough traveling on P3. Yeah...I took P3 snacks with me, but driving 10 hrs makes it tough to get all your water in- unless you are wearing a diaper!! So yeah..it was tough! BUT...I am happy to report after a steak day my LDW is within site! After another strict day I am sure I will be back where I need to be.

I will be back to P2 in about a week and a half-trying to start it on a Monday-easier if I am distracted at work! Back to working out today...and for some reason my knee has been bothering me. I haven't worked out all weekend, and that may be why. Stayed in a motel on the way home on Sunday night and we were on the 3rd floor. After walking down the stairs then up my knee was sore...ummm, so sore that I need tylenol. Not good...so sending some good healing vibes to the old knee!

Time to ROCK February!!!!!!!!!!

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